We're on a mission.

And that mission is simple. To provide our customers with fantastic services at unbeatable prices. In fact, that’s the message our entire business is built on: we only add value.

From business phone lines to business broadband and fibre, we’re committed to bringing effortless services to a community of small business owners. With Woav you can put your mind at ease knowing our dedicated team stay focused on giving you the best deals to keep you smiling.

SPECIAL OFFER: Get 12 months free business broadband when you sign up to our most popular 24 month unlimited business broadband and phone package.

Promotional discounts applicable to specified period only. When the promotional period ends, prices will revert to standard pricing, as detailed on our Pricing Schedule. Offers available to new customers only.

1 We’ll provide you with the fastest speed available on your line. The actual speed achieved is dependent on factors such as the quality of your line and how far you are from your local exchange. Speeds quoted are based on 10% or more of users on the network achieving these speeds.

2 Inclusive wireless router. £7.99 charge for P&P. An additional contribution of £25 is charged for 1 month contracts.

3 If you don’t have a phone line then we can install one for you. Installation is free for a limited time only on 24 month contracts for Business Broadband and Phone and Business Fibre Broadband and Phone packages. Offer applies to the installation of a single analogue line.

4 Fraud Defender is our fixed line fraud monitoring Service which enables us to monitor the fixed line(s) we supply to you for unusual activity and, where we detect this, allows us to suspend the fixed line(s) where we believe this is advisable to prevent actual or potential Fraud. We offer a trial of the first 2 months Free of Charge and it is then £1.99 per month for the duration of your contract.

Business Broadband on a 1 month contract: there’s a £30.00 activation fee and you can use your own router if it’s compatible, or you can take our router.

Fibre installation: An engineer visit is required to install Woav Business Fibre Broadband, however we won’t charge you for this. If an engineer attends your premises on the appointed date and is unable to gain access a £125 + VAT missed appointment fee will apply. A £30 activation fee applies on 12 month contracts and a £150 activation fee applies on 1 month contracts. All fibre installations are subject to your local area being fibre enabled and availability in your exchange.

Extra usage over data allowance: for Standard Business Broadband and Standard Business Fibre Broadband packages, there will be a charge of £1 per GB for extra usage over the stated data allowance. This will be rounded up to the next whole GB.

We operate a fair usage policy. If you take our Unlimited Business Broadband or Unlimited Business Fibre broadband service, we will not charge extra or suspend your service however much you use, unless we believe your use of the service is adversely affecting the network or other customers.

24 month and 12 month contracts are offered on a fixed term. If you terminate the contract during any fixed term or substantially reduce the number of services you have with us, we reserve the right to charge you a termination fee as set out in the Pricing Schedule.

Prices are subject to annual percentage increases in RPI as per the terms and conditions

Prices shown exclude VAT. Full Woav terms and conditions apply.