Recruitment Tips for Finding your Perfect Employee

By Matt

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Your business is growing faster than you can keep up: great news – but also a bit of a headache. Hiring your first employee is a huge step; things may be starting to unravel before you can make the decision. You need the right person fast, and you probably won’t have much of a budget for recruiting.

How do you find the right person?


Culture. Whoever you hire will need to fit in with your values and how you work, so you have to be clear about those before you can start looking. That sounds obvious, but even long­established companies get it wrong. It makes for an unhappy working atmosphere and it’s one of the main reasons people leave jobs.


Job description.Do you just need someone to keep on top of paperwork, or do you want them to answer the phone, organise a filing system, take orders, make sales calls...? Are you looking for someone to train or someone who already knows what


they’re doing; who’s happy being an administrator or who wants to learn your business and work their way up?


Attitudeis important, too. Much better hire someone you can work with, even if they lack some of the skills you’re looking for, than someone who has all the skills but would be a pain in the neck. Just be sure you’ll have the time and

energy to train them in the skills they lack.


One very important piece of recruitment advice is to be cautious about hiring a friend just because they’re a friend. It can be a great way to ruin a relationship.




Recruitment sites: tips for finding the right job­seekers


You may know exactly who you want to hire, but more probably you’ll have to search. There are lots of online recruitment sites who’ll advertise jobs for you, at a range of prices; they’re used by huge numbers of job seekers, so you could end up with a large pool of potential candidates to weed through. Make sure whatever site you use is mobile­friendly, as most people job­hunt while they’re commuting.


Alternatively, if you want to restrict candidates to people who already know about your business and their friends, you could put the job description on your website and use social media to get the word out.


65% of businesses now use video for recruiting, to introduce job­seekers to their company culture and potential future colleagues. It’s worth trying, especially if you work in fabulous premises or the job involves something that’s hard to describe in the small space of an advertisement or social media post.


Application Forms:


You’ll need an application form, so decide what you want to know about candidates:


  • work experience


  • relevant qualifications


  • education


  • interests outside work (a good way of discovering their values)


  • anything else that’s specific to your business.


People like to be able to follow the progress of their applications, so send out regular updates or post them on your website.


Tips on Selection:


Choose the candidates you’re interested in, and make sure you have enough time to interview all the ones you’ve selected, live or on Skype. There’s nothing more off­putting, for a candidate, than finding the interviewer hasn’t set aside enough time or keeps being interrupted; it won’t help you make a balanced decision, either. If you’re not sure you have the skills to run an interview, don’t be ashamed to ask someone to help; two heads are better than one.


Once you’ve decided who you want, tell them they’ve got the job before you tell the other candidates they haven’t; then if your chosen person says no, you’ll still have your other candidates to fall back on. But once the appointment’s made do let the unsuccessful ones know: it’s good manners and will make you stand out from almost every other company.


No recruitment system is 100% guaranteed, but if you follow these recruitment tips you’ll have a good chance of finding your ideal employee.


Have you already made the jump to employing someone? Do you have any other hints or tips to pass on, so others can benefit from your experience? Please share them below.